Апгрейд с предыдущих версий

Upgrading To 4.1.29 From <= 4.1.x

Laravel 4.1.29 improves the column quoting for all database drivers. This protects your application from some mass assignment vulnerabilities when not using the fillable property on models. If you are using the fillable property on your models to protect against mass assignment, your application is not vulnerable. However, if you are using guarded and are passing a user controlled array into an "update" or "save" type function, you should upgrade to 4.1.29 immediately as your application may be at risk of mass assignment.

To upgrade to Laravel 4.1.29, simply composer update. No breaking changes are introduced in this release.

Upgrading To 4.1.26 From <= 4.1.25

Laravel 4.1.26 introduces security improvements for "remember me" cookies. Before this update, if a remember cookie was hijacked by another malicious user, the cookie would remain valid for a long period of time, even after the true owner of the account reset their password, logged out, etc.

This change requires the addition of a new remember_token column to your users (or equivalent) database table. After this change, a fresh token will be assigned to the user each time they login to your application. The token will also be refreshed when the user logs out of the application. The implications of this change are: if a "remember me" cookie is hijacked, simply logging out of the application will invalidate the cookie.

Upgrade Path

First, add a new, nullable remember_token of VARCHAR(100), TEXT, or equivalent to your users table.

Next, if you are using the Eloquent authentication driver, update your User class with the following three methods:

public function getRememberToken()
	return $this->remember_token;

public function setRememberToken($value)
	$this->remember_token = $value;

public function getRememberTokenName()
	return 'remember_token';

Note: All existing "remember me" sessions will be invalidated by this change, so all users will be forced to re-authenticate with your application.

Package Maintainers

Two new methods were added to the Illuminate\Auth\UserProviderInterface interface. Sample implementations may be found in the default drivers:

public function retrieveByToken($identifier, $token);

public function updateRememberToken(UserInterface $user, $token);

The Illuminate\Auth\UserInterface also received the three new methods described in the "Upgrade Path".

Upgrading To 4.1 From 4.0

Upgrading Your Composer Dependency

To upgrade your application to Laravel 4.1, change your laravel/framework version to 4.1.* in your composer.json file.

Replacing Files

Replace your public/index.php file with this fresh copy from the repository.

Replace your artisan file with this fresh copy from the repository.

Adding Configuration Files & Options

Update your aliases and providers arrays in your app/config/app.php configuration file. The updated values for these arrays can be found in this file. Be sure to add your custom and package service providers / aliases back to the arrays.

Add the new app/config/remote.php file from the repository.

Add the new expire_on_close configuration option to your app/config/session.php file. The default value should be false.

Add the new failed configuration section to your app/config/queue.php file. Here are the default values for the section:

'failed' => array(
	'database' => 'mysql', 'table' => 'failed_jobs',

(Optional) Update the pagination configuration option in your app/config/view.php file to pagination::slider-3.

Controller Updates

If app/controllers/BaseController.php has a use statement at the top, change use Illuminate\Routing\Controllers\Controller; to use Illuminate\Routing\Controller;.

Password Reminders Updates

Password reminders have been overhauled for greater flexibility. You may examine the new stub controller by running the php artisan auth:reminders-controller Artisan command (only run it after completing the changes below). You may also browse the updated documentation and update your application accordingly.

Update your app/lang/en/reminders.php language file to match this updated file.

Environment Detection Updates

For security reasons, URL domains may no longer be used to detect your application environment. These values are easily spoofable and allow attackers to modify the environment for a request. You should convert your environment detection to use machine host names (hostname command on Mac, Linux, and Windows).

Simpler Log Files

Laravel now generates a single log file: app/storage/logs/laravel.log. However, you may still configure this behavior in your app/start/global.php file.

Removing Redirect Trailing Slash

In your bootstrap/start.php file, remove the call to $app->redirectIfTrailingSlash(). This method is no longer needed as this functionality is now handled by the .htaccess file included with the framework.

Next, replace your Apache .htaccess file with this new one that handles trailing slashes.

Current Route Access

The current route is now accessed via Route::current() instead of Route::getCurrentRoute().

Composer Update

Once you have completed the changes above, you can run the composer update function to update your core application files! If you receive class load errors, try running the update command with the --no-scripts option enabled like so: composer update --no-scripts (On Linux, you may have to run sudo composer update if you are getting Permission Denied errors).

Wildcard Event Listeners

The wildcard event listeners no longer append the event to your handler functions parameters. If you require finding the event that was fired you should use Event::firing().